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Organize a Collection Campaign

Are you interested in setting up your own donation drive? Do you have a plan for what you need and where the donations will go? What about marketing your drive? This planning kit will assist you in coordinating an easy and successful drive. Donation drives organized by businesses, associations, churches, schools and other groups are critically important for all nonprofits and government agencies in our area. All goods donated from the drives will assist SOS ! If you have any specific questions, make sure to contact the SOS Thrift Store.

Click here for our SOS Thrift Store - The Donation Drive Planning Kit (.zip file editable MS Word doc) or click here to view the PDF.

Drop it Off

Merchandise donations are accepted during store hours and greatly appreciated! We are happy to provide a receipt for your giving. Learn more about the Tax Deductible Value of your items.

(864) 244-0911
3245 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Taylors, SC 29687

(Edwards Forest Plaza)
Drive–thru drop off for your convenience (open during store hours).

Free Pick Up

We will gladly pick up gently used items in good working condition that are too large or bulky for you to bring to a store. Please call (864) 244-0911 to schedule an appointment. We are able to offer this service within a 30 mile radius of our stores.

Corporate Donations

If your business or organization is replacing fixtures or furniture, or if you have overruns, waste, or stock you cannot sell, please think of SOS! We will send our truck for pickup and provide you with a receipt for your giving.


When you donate and shop SOS Thrift Store, you are keeping clothing, shoes, toys, furniture, household items and so much more out of landfills!  This helps keep our environment clean.

How can you help?  Reduce, Reuse, THRIFT!

Reduce. Reuse. DONATE.
Donating gently used clothing and household items keep them out of our local landfills. We recycled clothes and accessories, shoes, housewares, books,. We even reuse the boxes that contained your donations!

Reduce. Reuse. THRIFT.

Reduce – Purchasing merchandise at our thrift store keeps all those items out of the landfills, which ultimately helps the environment.

Reuse – Most of our donated items are gently used and can be reused. This is especially true for Children’s clothing, which they outgrow before they’re even broken in!

THRIFT – Donations are given a second life at the SOS Thrift Store. We offer a vast selection of items at an amazing value to our shoppers every day.

Reduce. Reuse. HELP THE WORLD.​
Some of the goods that don’t sell in our store, we send to our salvage partner, are sold and sent overseas to third world countries. By providing recycled items to emerging markets, we help foreign nations re-invest in their local economies by providing job opportunities.

Donate to SOS

Clothing, Shoes and Accessories Furniture, Home Decor Housewares, Linens
Office Furniture and Equipment

Lighting, Fixtures
Books and Toys
Electronics and Stereo Equipment

Appliances, Large and Small Sporting Goods
Musical Instruments
Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, etc.

Torn or stained clothing accepted for salvage. Please separate from other donations.

(864) 244-0911
3245 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Taylors, SC 29687